Rocky Mountaineer

Day 1: Banff to Kamloops

Boarded the Rocky Mountaineer this morning for the first part of our journey from Banff to Kamloops – about 500 km and 10 hrs. The first 2/3 of the journey was through the spectacular Rockies and the last 1/3 through flat semi-arid desert (no sand, but hot dry heat like Adelaide gets).

Arrived in Kamloops to 32 degrees – Banff was 7 deg when we left.

Our two-day journey
Our menu
The scenery

*Full disclosure: we didn’t actually see the bears pictured. It is a simulation of what we could have seen if we were lucky enough.

Day 2: Kamloops to Vancouver

Finished our rail adventure in Vancouver after another full day on the Rocky Mountaineer. The scenery today had flattened out as we travelled through the semi-arid landscape. Saw plenty of eagles, a few mountain sheep (that looked suspiciously like goats) but alas no bears or moose…


Leaving our accommodation
Leaving Kamloops
The scenery
Our trip
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