The road trip down 2022

Saturday 3 June 2022

Home to Taree

We set off at 0520 on Saturday morning with the intention being to get to Goulburn by the afternoon. We planned the trip into 500km increments to make sure we were able to fill up with gas.

Taree was our first gas stop.

We stopped at Grafton to stretch our legs and get a coffee at the BIG banana… alas, it wasn’t open 😢

Taree for lunch (and gas)

We stopped at Taree for gas and then had a fabulous chicken burger for lunch at a recommended 60’s Diner.

Taree to Goulburn

The Taree to Goulburn part of the trip became tiring as we had been in the car for the best part of 6-7 hours at this stage.

Traffic on the outskirts of Sydney was pretty busy and most of the brilliant country driving etiquette had gone out the window the closer we got to the city.

We arrived at Goulburn with the weather having turned cold and miserable.

Sunday 4 June 2022


We stayed at the Mercure Goulburn and the sun was out next day in preparation for our run into Melbourne.

Goulburn to Gundagai to Albury to Benalla

We stopped at Gundagai for coffee at approximately 0930 after being on the road for an hour and a half.

Next stop was Albury for a quick catchup with Teta Sonja and Esther.

We had a bite to eat with them (thanks Teta Sonja) and then headed for Benalla and more gas.

Gundagai to Benalla

The day had turned nasty by the time we reached Benalla and there was plenty of rain and wind.

Ah, Victoria…

Benalla to Spirit of Tasmania

Our run into Melbourne was uneventful, albeit wet and windy.

We boarded the Spirit almost immediately, found our room, dropped our bags and went in search of food and drinks 🍕🍺

It was great to finally be on board and we are looking forward to seeing our families from tomorrow…

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