Singapore… return!

Monday 30th May, 2011

Our second last flight home

We spent nearly all of today on the plane from Europe and arrived in 32 degree steamy Singapore heat safe and sound.

We are looking forward to a good night’s sleep…

Tuesday 31st May, 2011

This is it

After a great night’s sleep, we had a buffet breakfast and caught the shuttle bus into SunTec City Shopping centre with the sole purpose of buying two new suitcases after much deliberation and research.

Mine was on it’s last legs and had had the handle broken and Angela’s had the sides smashed to bits and lost it’s shape. We’re not exactly sure what it is that the airlines do to luggage but they certainly come out the other end differently than they go in.

Our new ones are hard cases with no zips, 10 year warranty and were 40% off normal price. Let’s hope they were a bargain!

We spent the rest of the day chilling out after a frantic month and a half of travel. We’ve had the time of our life and have loved every minute of our adventure. As it comes to an end we are pleased to be heading back to Australia… 

There really is no place like home…

Wednesday 1st June, 2011

We’re home

We arrived home safe and sound at about 6.30am after a long flight with no sleep. We managed to score extra legroom on the plane with an exit row but the payoff was that it was near the toilet… meaning that every 10 minutes or so, the light would come on as people went in and out. Does not make for a peaceful flight! 

Anyway, we made it home safely…

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us through the (now non-existent) blog and many thanks to all those who commented, it certainly made us feel connected to our friends and family back home. Thanks also to my mum and dad for looking after our house and our boy ❤️

We hope you all enjoyed it, we had fun doing it.

‘Til next time… xx

Trip progress
Day 48 - We are DONE! 100%

FAQ's and Travel Trivia...

Countries Visited:
10 – Singapore, England, Scotland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France and Czech Republic

Shortest time spent in a country:
Less than 24 hours (Slovenia / Austria)

Longest time spent in a country:
11 days (Italy)

  • Rome – 3 days
  • Florence – 2 days
  • Cinque Terre – 4 days
  • Venice – 2 days

Favourite places:
Even though most places were all special in their own way, Paris and Cinque Terre are my highlights!

I’d go to any of the places we visited again in a heartbeat.

Kilometres traveled in hire cars: 5,397km

United Kingdom: 1,148km

Europe mainland: 4,249km

Cost of fuel:
Ranged between $1.98 AUD – $2.54 AUD per litre. Amazingly, both hire cars seemed to be more fuel efficient than our Australian cars.

Trip highlights:
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