Alaskan Cruise

Our ports of call

Seattle, USA | Juneau, Alaska, USA | Skagway, Alaska, USA | Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, USA | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | Seattle, USA

Friday 20th July, 2018

Day 1: Boarding | Leaving Seattle

We packed up all our stuff again this morning and waited in the lobby for our call to get on the provided bus that would take us to the cruise terminal.

We're onboard
Our cabin

We checked out our cabin, unpacked our suitcases and stashed our contraband in the safe – four cans of Pringles and four bars of dark chocolate. It was time for some exploring…

Stampin' Up!

Stampin’ Up! hosted a couple of different events on the first afternoon, the first being a meet and greet in the auditorium to welcome all the Demonstrators and give them time to mingle and network.

Saturday 21st July, 2018

Day 2: At sea

We spent today at sea and wandered around the ship to get our bearings. It was the perfect day for Angela to catch up with her Stampin’ Up! peeps.

Sunday 22nd July, 2018

Day 3: Juneau, Alaska

After a full day and a half at sea, we docked in Juneau, Alaska.

Sled Dogs and Musher’s Camp

Once off the ship we boarded a bus to Douglas Island and went to a sled dog musher’s camp, where we jumped in a wheeled ground sled and were pulled by 16 Alaskan Huskies. Such fit, beautiful dogs who love to work. Really. Love. To work!

We met all the dogs after the ride and then had cuddles with some pups.

We left the sled dog camp and were dropped off in downtown Juneau. We had lunch at the local and then boarded the ship for our next destination.

Downtown Juneau

We sampled some of the local fare for lunch – a tasting paddle of beer, Alaskan crab cakes, sweet potato fries, and portobello mushroom fries.

Leaving Juneau

Monday 23rd July, 2018

Day 4: Skagway, Alaska

Today we explored Skagway – a great little town founded around the time of the Gold Rush (1899).  The longest day in Skagway is 23 hours+ daylight in the middle of summer and shortest is less than 1 hour in the middle of winter.

Not sure I could handle that.

Skagway street car tour

We took a street car tour and learned Skagway’s story of heroes and villains as well as some of the buildings around town. Our 350cu Chev street car was built by old mate from the TV show American Hotrod and sounded sweet as it idled around town.

Downtown Skagway

Tuesday 24th July, 2018

Day 5: Tracy Arm Fjord

After Skagway we had two days at sea and got right up into Tracy Arm fjord. Old mate at the helm did three or four 360s in front of the glacier so we had plenty of photo opportunities. Just. Stunning!

Again, the photos don’t do it justice

On board ice show

After the magnificence of our early morning glacier viewing we had breakfast and lounged around the ship a bit more. After lunch, we attended the matinee session of the onboard ice show…

Wednesday 25th July, 2018

Day 6: At sea

Today was a day at sea doing nothing. Angela had several Stampin’ Up activities to attend so I made the most of the down time and relaxed…

Thursday 26th July, 2018

Day 7: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Today we explored Butchart Gardens, the most magnificent gardens I had ever seen. They have been in the Butchart family for five generations and include a beautiful water feature made from an old quarry.

Just stunning. Much wow!!

A quick stop

On our way back to the ship our driver stopped on the waterfront at Victoria Inner Harbour for a photo opportunity of the Parliament Building.

Back at the ship
Trip progress
Day 27: 90%
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