Saturday 14th July, 2018

Heading to Banff

We had an early start this morning as we had a four hour flight to Calgary. We arrived at the airport at around 7:15am and boarded our 8:20am flight soon after.

Once landed, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and sought out our transfer to Banff. We saw the inside of the Calgary terminal for 90 minutes and then caught our ride to Banff.

Our million dollar bed & breakfast

We arrived in Banff at around 2:30pm in the afternoon and dropped our bags at our million dollar bed & breakfast ($436 AUD for a one night stay). We were to be at the Rocky Mountaineer train station at 6:30am the next morning so our exorbitant price didn’t even end up including breakfast.

Beautiful Banff

Wasting no time, we hit the town for a look around. Unluckily for us, we only had this afternoon to look around; I wish we had longer here.

Banff is stunning!! 😍 A picture postcard.

The town is about 2km square with mountains on every side and the prettiest place I’ve ever seen. Ever…

Gondola ride to the lookout

We rode a gondola to the top of one peak for an awesome panoramic view. The journey up was spectacular as we soared above the forest.

Unfortunately none of our pics will do the view any justice…

A walk down Bow River
We saw a squirrel...
Trip progress
Day 15: 50%
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