Hoover Dam | Williams

Heading to Hoover Dam

We left the hotel this morning and headed to Treasure Island to pick up our hire car. Once there we were directed to the fourth floor to pick up our Nissan Versa (the US version of the Australian Pulsar)

We hit the road and headed for the Grand Canyon via Hoover Dam and then Williams, which is about an hour south of the Grand Canyon.

Hoover Dam

We arrived at Hoover Dam and got out of the car and almost melted! It was over 40 degrees celsius and was the dry, desert heat devoid of moisture that literally takes your breath away. We wandered down to the face of the dam for some pics and to marvel at the 1930’s engineering…

Travelling to Williams

We left Hoover Dam and had a lovely drive with 65-75mph speed limits (105-120 kmh) and peace and quiet after the noise and full on-ness of Vegas.

Ah the serenity!

Williams accommodation and first look

We arrived at Williams at dinner time, so dropped our belongings in at Motel 6 and searched out pizza and wine for dinner…

Trip progress
Day 3: 10%
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