New York

Day 1: Brooklyn

We arrived in NY tired and bedraggled after an overnight flight. We had booked an apartment in Brooklyn through AirBnB nearly 12 months earlier so we caught a taxi there and piled into bed for a few hours and explored Brooklyn later that afternoon.

Some of the tree-lined streets you may well have seen in movies and on TV over the years. 

A place of great character, friendly locals and lots of nationalities.

Our neighbourhood and accommodation
Brooklyn streetscapes
Looking towards Manhattan
Brooklyn business district

Day 2: The Big Smoke

Today we ventured onto the subway and went to the big smoke. Wall Street was capitalist America in all its glory with US flags displayed prominently and the Trump Building smack bang in the middle of it. 

The 911 Memorial was sobering and choked me up as I remembered the day the world, as we know it, changed forever.

Times Square was a ‘mini Vegas’ but next level if that was even possible and we finished our adventure with a trip to the Empire State Building.

So much more to see..

911 Memorial

Such a sombre but tasteful memorial to all the people who passed on 11 September 2001…

Wall Street
Times Square
Random Manhattan pics

Day 3: More Manhattan

We started today by jumping into the subway to Grand Central Station. Checked out a matinee of the Book of Mormon and spent the rest of the afternoon walking the highline – a disused aboveground rail line that has been repurposed as a walking track.

We finished the day with a beer and Reuben (inch thick corned beef, sauerkraut and pickles on rye) for dinner.

Bloody delish!

Grand Central Station
The Book of Mormon

We booked a matinee showing of the Book of Mormon. The venue didn’t allow photos while the show was playing but we snapped a few befor it started. The show itself was quite funny, full of f and c bombs, highly blasphemous but great sound and production

The Highline

Day 4: Statues, Parks and Bridges

Another day of wandering around the Big Smoke. We started with a trip on the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty – with armed coast guard escort. Jumped into the subway and headed for Central Park, which is a beautiful oasis among the concrete and noise of Manhattan.

We zigzagged our way nearly the full length of 4km before jumping onto a bus to 5th Avenue to see where the rich people shop.

We finished the day walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to ‘home’.

Big day, sore feet, much tired…

Statue of Liberty / Staten Island Ferry
Central Park

Today we walked from one end of Central Park to the other.

It is over 3 square/km in size and such an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of concrete and high rises that is Manhattan.

Fifth Avenue

“Fifth Avenue is a major thoroughfare in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It stretches north from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village to West 143rd Street in Harlem. It is considered one of the most expensive and elegant streets in the world.”

Some of the shops where the rich people shop…

Brooklyn Bridge

Day 5: DUMBO

We spent our second last day in the Big Apple taking it a bit easier. Rode the subway to Flushing, Queens and back again. Didn’t see The Nanny but got a great view of the city as most of the track is aboveground.

Then headed to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) which is a cool little arty precinct – a bit hipster although I don’t know what they call that here. Bagel for lunch, Manhattan skyline for dinner…

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO)
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