Waikiki Beach

Day 1: Hanging around Waikiki

Our penultimate day was spent at Waikiki Beach. The weather was kind to us once again as we wandered up and down the beach front with every other tourist on earth. We pulled the pin on these shenanigans at around 4.00pm and had a swim.

We’ll spend all of tomorrow at the airport and on the plane and I’m looking forward to getting home after so long on the road.

It’s been an awesome adventure!!

Our accommodation
Wandering the beachfront

Day 2: We're going home

Today was spent traveling back to Australia 🇦🇺. As much as we enjoyed our adventure it is always good to get home. We are missing our boy, our bed, our house and our way of life.

We really do live in the best country in the world and we should take the time to  remember that.


Wade and Angela x

FAQ's and Travel Trivia...

Countries Visited:
2 – United States of America and Canada 

Time spent in each country:

  • USA –  21 days
  • Canada – 9 days

Favourite places:

  • The Grand Canyon for it’s sheer size and wow factor
  • Las Vegas for it’s heat, noise, tackiness and Americans being American
  • Niagara Falls for the awesomeness of being able to see another one of nature’s marvels
  • Alaska for it’s remoteness, beauty and likeness to what I’d seen on Northern Exposure
  • New York… because it is the Big Apple

I’d go to any of the places we visited again in a heartbeat. Except Vegas. Once is enough for this fella!

Kilometres traveled in hire car: 567 mi (912 km)

Return trip: Las Vegas > Hoover Dam > Williams > Grand Canyon

Our trip
Day 30: We are DONE! 100%
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