Rocky Mountaineer

Day 1: Banff to Kamloops

We boarded the Rocky Mountaineer this morning for the first part of our journey from Banff to Kamloops – about 500 km and 10 hrs. The first 2/3 of the journey was through the spectacular Rockies and the last 1/3 through flat semi-arid desert (no sand, but hot dry heat like Adelaide gets).

Arrived in Kamloops to 32 degrees – Banff was 7 deg when we left.

Our two-day journey
Our menu
Banff to Kamloops

*Full disclosure: we didn’t actually see the bears pictured. It is a simulation of what we could have seen if we were lucky enough.

Day 2: Kamloops to Vancouver

Today we finished our rail adventure in Vancouver after another full day on the Rocky Mountaineer. The scenery today had flattened out as we traveled through the semi-arid landscape. We saw plenty of eagles, a few mountain sheep (that looked suspiciously like goats) but alas no bears or moose…

“Bear on the right…” 

If only.

Leaving our accommodation
Leaving Kamloops
Kamloops to Vancouver
Trip progress
Day 17: 57%
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