Day 1: Grouse Mountain | Gastown | Catfe

What a day! We started at the waterfront and headed to Grouse Mountain on the free shuttle.

Vancouver waterfront
Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain sits above greater Vancouver and is a great day out for tourists. We saw bears, a lumberjack show, rode a chairlift and had awesome views of the city below.

Views of greater Vancouver
Lumberjack show
Grinder and Coola

We left Grouse Mountain after a fun morning and headed for Gastown – the old part of town.


After a late lunch we went to a Catfe, a place where you can get a cuppa and pet some cats. We’re missing our boy and thought this might give us a quick fix.

The Twilight Zone

Getting home was going to be by public transport but we went a block too far and ended up amongst hundreds of homeless peeps.

We witnessed the arrest of a woman who was put in the paddy wagon and explained to the undercover cops we were a little out of our depth in this neighbourhood. They asked Dispatch to call us a cab but after waiting 20 minutes it still hadn’t turned up.

At this stage Officer Don and Brad offered us a lift home if one of us didn’t mind being ‘in the cage’. As we were further out of town than they could go, they dropped us off at the waterfront where taxis were plentiful.

Bloody great blokes and quite the days end for us.

Day 2: Vancouver Aquarium | Stanley Park

Today we visited Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium. The aquarium was well worth a look and allowed us to see otters playing around in the water – Angela was well pleased! A walk through the park was followed with a late lunch and happy hour in Gastown again. This time we were much better prepared, caught the bus home and stayed well away from the Twilight Zone.

We’ll miss the vibrancy of Vancouver when we move on tomorrow.

Stanley Park
Our trip
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