Friday 13th May 2011

Bled - so beautiful

We had breakfast with Aunty and then had a teary goodbye with her. We headed to Slovenia where we will be having an overnight stay on our way to Austria.

We arrived at our destination mid-afternoon after a stressful drive coping with a different language, unmanned toll booths and no clue how their tolls worked, and no GPS. We were lucky however that the Google maps printed directions we had were fairly accurate and we only stopped once to ask for directions due to a street sign pointing in the wrong direction.

We were just 2km from our final destination.

Today’s high point was while we were driving to the Slovenian border, eating meat and cheese sandwiches prepared by Teta Vera.

First, we saw a VB Commodore (or the European equivalent) and then Kylie’s ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ came on the radio. We cranked it club style and had our own sing-a-long. 

A little bit of Australia right there, in the middle of a foreign country on the other side of the world…


Bled Forest with Jana & Edi

We had a great afternoon with Jana and Edi – our sister-in-law Miriam’s Aunty and Uncle (EDIT: ex-sister-in-law) – who took us out for Slovenian pizza and a walk through a beautiful forest to see a waterfall.

We were then taken for a drive into Bled which is the most stunning town and has a lake in the middle of it complete with an island that has a church on it. We stopped at the Hotel Bled for Krem Shnita, which for the uninitiated, is like an Aussie Vanilla Slice but way, way, way, way better… delicious!

We enjoyed this overlooking the lake and it couldn’t have been more perfect…

Our accommodation

The village where we are staying, Zarsip, is surrounded by mountains and is so picturesque.

We are tired after a long day but looking forward to the drive through Austria tomorrow…

Trip progress
Day 29 60%
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