Sunday 17th April, 2011

Leaving Singapore and heading for London

We slept great!!! (Despite the bed being as soft as concrete).

Upon waking and checking over the documents for the next leg of our journey, we came to the realisation that we had PRE jet lag syndrome ie, our brains not working due to a time difference warp… we actually were missing a day of accommodation and car hire…oops!

However, thanks to waking up early, a clear, fresh mind and access to the internet, crisis averted and we will have an extra day of sight seeing in London before heading to Scotland. Just finished our buffet breakfast and packing before heading to the airport.

We’ve really enjoyed the some of the unusual architecture, great food and cleanliness. Thanks for a lovely stay Singapore even though it was hot and steamy. Every one is so polite and nice here.

We arrived after a 13 hour flight pretty exhausted and went through Heathrow Customs without a hitch. Wow, what a huge airport – 5 terminals! Makes Brisbane positively tiny in comparison.

Got a ride in a cute London Cab to our B&B – did not pass Go or collect $200, just fell into bed totally wiped out 🎩

Monday 18th April, 2011

Our Accommodation

We woke some what refreshed after a broken sleep and headed for big ‘ol’ London town…

We rode the tube into town – it makes our peak hour public transport look like a picnic. We can’t believe how many ‘Poms’ there are here! (ha ha)

The Tube | Piccadilly Circus

Yes we were real tourists and went on the hop on, hop off ‘Original Bus Tour’ which we found has become somewhat complacent since 1951… the ‘Big Bus Tour’ rival seemed to have a more consistent timetable…

We visited all of the attractions which included most of the monopoly board…including Trafalgar Square, Strand, Fleet Street, Pall Mall just to name a few.

We also saw St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, British museum (which currently has an Australian exhibition on), Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Parliament House, Harrods, St James and Hyde Parks, and some huge ducks and very cute squirrels.

The weather was even kind to us. Spring time is so beautiful here as all of the bulbs are in flower, there are tulips, blue bells and other bulbs everywhere, they are so pretty.

Trafalgar Square
St James Cathedral
Buckinghuge Palace
Tower Bridge
St James Park
Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey

After starting at 8.30 am, by 6pm we were Londoned and peopled out. There are so many tourists here at the moment, big crowds and long queues.

Oh, and you can’t help but notice the countless shop windows filled with tacky Royal Wedding souvenirs, (probably should have bought a suitcase full to sell on eBay…may have paid for the trip!)

It will become a special day in history before we know it…

Trip progress
Day 3 6%
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