Grand Canyon

Tuesday 3rd July, 2018

Today we drove an hour up the road to see the Grand Canyon. It was as immense as it looks and its size truly humbling. We spent the full day there in awe of the magnitude of what we were looking at – 1,000,000 acres right there in front of us.

Absolutely stunning!.. and goes as far as the eye can see..

Biggest hole in the ground either of us had ever seen. Ever…

Hermit's Rest

“Hermits Rest is an iconic and historic stop, and the conclusion to the Rim Trail and Hermit Road. It also serves as the gateway to magnificent back-country hiking trails that originate from the Hermit Trail, a steeply winding path into the canyon that begins 0.25 miles (0.4 km) west of this distinctive building.

Hermits Rest was built to resemble an old miner’s cabin with native stonework, a giant alcove fireplace, and front porch. It presently offers a gift shop, snack bar, and west end views of Grand Canyon. Restrooms and a water bottle filling station are available outside, behind the main building.”

Overview of the Grand Canyon

“Scientists still don’t entirely comprehend the 1.5 billion year history of the Grand Canyon; it’s a story of erosion that has created one of the most breathtaking sites in America.”

* Video Source: Smithsonian Channel on YouTube

Trip progress
Day 4: 13%
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