Our time in Tassie 2022

Monday 6 June – Sunday July 3 2022

North-West Coast

Our first stop after getting off the boat was to call in and see Jeremy and Jenna and check out their farms.

We stayed overnight and drove through to Launceston the next morning.


While we were in Tassie, we made Launceston our home base and we stayed with my Mum and Dad.

We did multiple trips to Hobart to see Angela’s brother, a trip back to the Northwest coast to see Angela’s niece and general day trips in and around Launceston to catch up with family and friends.

It’s hard to stay in one spot when you have family spread all over the state.

Angela arranged dinner with one of her longest-time friends who also lives in Launceston.

Angela did her first Launceston Park Run on Saturday morning.

Mum and Dad drove us around some of the suburbs one afternoon so we could have a look at how much Launceston has grown since I left in 1998.

There were a lot of suburbs that had grown in size and the urban development has definitely spread.

On our travels we dropped into Trevallyn Dam…

We left Trevallyn Dam and headed to the Gorge. Mum and Dad dropped us off at the car park on the Trevallyn side and we walked over the swinging bridge and met back up on the West Launceston side.

I have awesome memories of summers at the Basin…


We left Launceston on a sunny, frosty morning and headed back up the North West coast to see Angela’s niece Tess and her hubby Pete.

They had just moved into their new house in Forth…


We had a couple of trips to Hobart to stay with Angela’s brother.

It’s a nice drive straight down the chute (Midlands Highway) and then across to Richmond via the Mud Walls Road. This is a great piece of twisting road and it was nice to get to actually ‘drive’ my ute instead of the usual ‘steering’ I do on the highways.

While we were in Hobart we took a trip on the Ferry over to the city for ‘after work’ drinks on Friday afternoon. It was a bloody cold and wet afternoon but an enjoyable ferry ride none-the-less.

Hanging around in a nice, warm house…

Angela did her first Hobart Park Run on Saturday morning.

Great Lake

We went for a day trip to Mike’s shack at The Great Lakes and to see the snow…

We stopped at the shack for a bit where there had been a fresh dumping overnight and it was fairly thick on the ground – 20-30cm or so…

We left the shack and went to the pub for lunch and a beer…

Angela stayed in Hobart for her flight out on Monday night and during the day went for a drive with her brother up the Huon River…

I stayed at Mum and Dad’s for another two weeks and worked from their place. Angela flew home and would return to meet me in Melbourne for the drive home…

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