New York

Day 1: Brooklyn

We arrived in NY tired and bedraggled after an overnight flight. We piled into bed for a few hours and explored Brooklyn in the afternoon. Some of the tree-lined streets you may well have seen in movies and on TV over the years.

A place of great character, friendly locals and lots of nationalities.

Our neighbourhood and accommodation
Brooklyn streetscapes
Looking towards Manhattan
Brooklyn business district

Day 2: The Big Smoke

Today we ventured onto the subway and went to the big smoke; Times Square and Wall Street was capitalist America in all its glory. The 911 Memorial was sobering and choked me up as I remembered the day the world, as we know it, changed forever.

We finished our adventure with a trip to the Empire State Building.

So much more to see..

911 Memorial
Wall Street
Times Square
Random Manhattan pics

Day 3: More Manhattan

We started today by jumping into the subway to Grand Central Station. Checked out a matinee of the Book of Mormon and spent the rest of the afternoon walking the highline – a disused aboveground rail line that has been repurposed as a walking track.

We finished the day with a beer and Reuben (inch thick corned beef, sauerkraut and pickles on rye) for dinner.

Bloody delish!

Grand Central Station
The Book of Mormon

We booked a matinee showing of the Book of Mormon. The venue didn’t allow photos while the show was playing but we snapped a few befor it started. The show itself was quite funny, full of f and c bombs, highly blasphemous but great sound and production

The Highline

Day 4: Statues, Parks and Bridges

Another day of wandering around the Big Smoke. Started with a trip on the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty – with armed coast guard escort. Jumped into the subway and headed for Central Park, which is a beautiful oasis amongst the concrete and noise of Manhattan.

We zigzagged our way nearly the full length of 4km before jumping onto a bus to 5th Avenue to see where the rich people shop. Finished the day walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to ‘home’. Big day, sore feet, much tired…

Statue of Liberty / Staten Island Ferry
Central Park
Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn Bridge

Day 5: DUMBO

Spent our second last day in the Big Apple taking it a bit easier. Rode the subway to Flushing, Queens and back again. Didn’t see The Nanny but got a great view of the city as most of the track is aboveground.

Then headed to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) which is a cool little arty precinct – a bit hipster although I don’t know what they call that here. Bagel for lunch, Manhattan skyline for dinner…

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO)
Manhattan Skyline
Trip progress
Day 10: 30%
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